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Any organisation must understand that their employees are their assets. Hence, it is important for the Organisation to take care of their mental health. It is proved that one out of five employees in most of the organisations are having tough time either personally or professionally.

This does have diverse effect in their work and life overall. Problems could range from financial losses, stress at work, relationship issues, addiction, or personality disorder.These problems not only differ in nature but also in the degree to which they can cause distress to an individual.

A troubled mind does not impact one person’s work but also negatively affects the whole team’s productivity and morale. AaKrithi provides support to an employee at the initial times of stress before it can lead into something more serious. 

AaKrithi EAP offers a package to Corporates. 
1. We can have package which will support based on the agreed number of employees to be supported. 

2. We have a team of Counsellors and therapist who can do online therapy, employees can choose from a number of experts with various expertise in the art of counselling and problem solving. 

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