Consulting Solutions

We at AaKrithi provide consulting solutions to overcome some of the most painful areas an Organisations faces in today world.

HR Solutions

Organisational Development

Business Process Improvement

HR Solutions

Our HR solutions are designed to provide our clients with a single resource dedicated to managing and supporting all Human Resources and employment processes.

HRM services

Payroll and compliance

Assessment and Training & Development

Training and Placement cell Outsourcing

To handle daily HR activities more accurately and efficiently, AaKrithi supports you in every step towards rising employee retention, employee performance and employee engagement.

Performance Management System


Incentive programs

Career Progression

Personality Assessment

Employee Surveys


Organisational Development

For a successful Organisational Change and Performance,
AaKrithi helps you understand your employee behaviour and motivation.
This can happen through:

Org. Vision Awareness

Personality Assessment

Career Planning

Succession Planning

Skill Development

Learning & Development

Business Process Improvement

AaKrithi helps with a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results through:

Reducing Process Time

Finding ways of carrying out the process faster or more efficiently.
There are a lot of different ways this could be done, from eliminating useless steps to adopting new technology.

Improving Output Quality

Creating a better product with the same input of resources.
This usually means finding steps within the process that negatively influence the end-product, resulting in defects and errors.

Cutting Out Waste

Discovering wasteful processes & cutting them out of the workflow.
If your team doesn’t have to do useless work, they can spend more time on the work that creates value for the company.

Process we follow:

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